The Adam & Eve series will be adapted for U.S. audiences as part of the “pilot season” which is currently in full swing. The Fox network has included the concept by Claude Meunier in its shortlist of pilots to be produced in coming months to restock its broadcasting schedule.

Adam & Eve is thus carving out its place among the four comedies selected by Fox this year – the news delighting producer Luc Wiseman, and Arabelle Pouliot-Di Crescenzo who heads up format distribution at Avanti Groupe: “Fox orders very few pilots each year and it’s a real honour to have been selected,” says Ms Pouliot-Di Crescenzo.

As Fox explained in a press release issued yesterday, the series by Claude Meunier will be adapted by Jon Beckerman and produced by 20th Century Fox TV.

Broadcast on CBC in 2012, Adam & Eve paints a portrait that is both funny and touching of a modern couple at three stages of their relationship. Pierre-François Legendre and Sophie Cadieux played Adam and Eve in the 13 original episodes produced in Quebec. The format has also been sold as an option in Turkey.

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Source : Avanti Groupe