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Avanti Groupe is an independent production agency operating mainly in television, but also in the fields of distribution and new media. Having been at the heart of the entertainment industry for the last 30 years, the company has a strong presence both here and abroad.


On May 2021, Patricia Blais and Monique Lamoureux become the new owners of Avanti Groupe. The Avanti Stage division continues its activities of artist management and production of shows within a brand new entity which is now chaired by Nadia Dufour.

The new documentary series Police on Duty (Police en service) takes us to the heart of the daily lives of police officers from the Quebec City Police Department, SPVQ, on Télé-Québec. The Police en service – retour en arrière podcast allows the public to continue their foray into the police world by looking back to two landmark events. Starring Mélissa Désormeaux-Poulin and Mani Soleymanlou, Survivre à ses enfants, a comedy by Jean-François Léger in tune with today’s family realities, is being broadcast on Radio-Canada. We continue to uncover the daily life of Saint-Henri High School in the 3rd season of the documentary series 180 days (180 jours). Alix and the Wonderfolk (Alix et les Merveilleux) puts fantasy in the hearts of children for a 3rd season, on ICI Télé and Télé-Québec.


In March 2020, the WHO declares a global pandemic and Quebec is “on hold”. The series On Duty 24/7 (De garde 24/7), with the help of medical staff, succeeded in documenting the daily lives of caregivers who were then facing an unprecedented crisis. As the situation evolves from day to day, Talk of the Town (Tout le monde en parle) adapts its formula, the weekly meetings are broadcast live. A real breath of fresh air for culture lovers, Oh What A Year (Cette année-là) is back on Télé-Québec and Marc Labrèche never fails to delight the audience each week with a tasty sketch. In Finland, a new adaptation of the Fib Finders (Les détecteurs de mensonges) format emerges. Internationally, the documentary series On Duty 24/7 (De garde 24/7) and 180 days (180 jours) shine, winning two medals and an award.


The new game show Mémorable! hits the airwaves on ICI TÉLÉ with Pierre-Yves Lord as host.  On the distribution side, the series Adam & Eve is being adapted for the United States for the FOX network which has ordered a pilot based on the concept by Claude Meunier. Alix and the Wonderfolk (Alix et les Merveilleux) is released for young kids featuring a fantasy world on ICI Télé and Télé-Québec. The captivating documentary series On Duty 24/7 (De garde 24/7) is grabbing audiences for the 5th season running.  180 days (180 jours) continues its foray into public schools, this time in Montreal, in the Saint-Henri district.


Avanti Ciné Vidéo, Avanti Présente, and Distributions Avanti Ciné Vidéo become Avanti Groupe. For the 15th year running, Tout le monde en parle remains unmissable Sunday viewing. Katherine Levac hosts her very first show entitled Velours. A new batch of comedians features in the documentary series Les 5 prochains. Marc Labrèche hosts Télé-Québec’s new night-show: Cette année-là. The documentary series 180 JOURS offers a unique fly-on-the-wall look at the heart of a secondary school.


Acclaimed by critics and viewers alike, the documentary series On Duty 24/7 (De garde 24/7) takes us to the heart of a new hospital for a third season on Télé-Québec. After having intrigued Quebec with its mystery comedian campaign, Pierre Hébert seduces his audience with his second one-man show entitled Le goût du risque. Dominic & Martin celebrate their 25-year career anniversary by launching their fifth show, entitled Juste Dominic & Martin.


After airing 1298 episodes from 1993 to 2001, Hot Pepper (Piment Fort) is off to a new start on TVA with host Normand Brathwaite. On Télé-Québec, the documentary series On Duty 24/7 (De garde 24/7) offers a glimpse into the chaotic lives of doctors and the documentary Neither Boy Nor Girl (Ni fille ni garcon) explores the phenomenon of intersexuality. Set in the mid-80s, the comedy My 80s Teen Misadventures (Mes petits malheurs) thrills audiences young and old on ICI Radio-Canada.


The Angel’s Crib (Le berceau des anges) helps Séries+ shatter ratings records. On the same channel, dramatic comedy Dumped! (Mon ex à moi) receives critical acclaim and brings a breath of fresh air to the network. The patriarch of the Paré family comes to life again in Ti-Mé show aired on ICI Radio-Canada Télé. While Stéphane Fallu and Guillaume Wagner tour with their new solo shows, we witness the rise of five comedians in the second season of the documentary series, Les 5 prochains.


Tout le monde en parle turns ten. Cathy Gauthier and Jean-François Mercier both take their one-man show on the road. The format Love Bugs (Un gars, une fille) was recognized as Best fiction format in international television history by the prestigious independent research firm The Wit.


Approaching its 25th year, Avanti celebrates many anniversaries. The 20-year anniversary of La Petite Vie is told through at a new exhibition at the Musée québécois de culture populaire in Trois-Rivières. On stage, Dominic and Martin present their show, FOU, a fourth performance that coincides with the famous duo’s 20th anniversary working together.


Claude Meunier presents a satire the revolves around couple’s life over three generations with Adam & Eve. On Canal D, Solved! Forensic Police Files (Police scientifique) sheds light on solving crimes committed in Quebec. Guillaume Wagner presents his first one-man show.


Malenfant sets new ratings records for an original television series on Séries+, receiving 8 nominations at the Prix Gémeaux. ARTV is interested in comedy with the documentary series Les 5 prochains. Radio-Canada pays tribute to mythical comedic trio with C’est Noël avec Paul et Paul. Pierre Hébert performs his first one-man show on the road.


Jean-François Mercier hosts the daily variety show Un gars le soir on V. The public awards La Petite Vie the Prix Gémeaux for best television series of the last 25 years. The show Martin Petit et le micro de feu is a huge hit on the road.


The Paré family relives moments from the La Petite Vie special, Noël Story and the documentary 15 ans de La Petite Vie highlights the incredible success of this cult comedy. Avanti presents the Spectacle de la Fête nationale dans la Capitale and produces its first webcast, La joute junior.


On the strength of its success, the television series Casino is back on Radio-Canada. Avanti is behind the design and production of the show Rencontres as part of Quebec’s 400th anniversary. The sitcom Roxy makes its debut on the air. La joute, a concept from Croatia hosted by Stéphan Bureau, reinvents Friday nights on Télé-Québec.


The series Shooting Stars (Les étoiles filantes) airs on Radio-Canada TV. Avanti Ciné Vidéo puts its money on the new generation of creative talent with screenplays written by François Archambault and directed by Ricardo Trogi. A DVD of the highlights of the Quebecois version of Love Bugs (Un gars, une fille) is released in France. On Canal Vie, the magazine Maître chez soi helps dogs and their masters live together harmoniously.


Casino goes on the air at Radio-Canada TV, racking up impressive ratings in excess of a million television viewers.


Avanti creates an entertainment division and starts producing Dominic et Martin, Jean-François Mercier.


SMASH, Daniel Lemire’s first television series, is broadcast on Radio-Canada TV. In collaboration with Guy A. Lepage and Radio-Canada. Avanti changes the face of Sunday evenings in Quebec forever with the program Tout le monde en parle.


Avanti launches Quebec’s most ambitious DVD project to date, producing a 15-DVD compilation of all 130 episodes of Love Bugs (Un gars, une fille). This is the start of a new adventure that allows the team to gain expertise in the field of distribution.


The dramatic comedy 3 x rien hits the airwaves, revolutionizing production of comedy programs with a bold, enhanced visual style. Avanti enters the specialty-channel arena with C’est ma vie and the documentary series Le Monde est sexe on Canal Vie.


The popular series Willie is aired on TVA and is a resounding success.


France buys the format Love Bugs (Un gars, une fille), which is to become the most adapted scripted format ever in the world.


The series Cher Olivier rakes in nine Gémeaux awards and two Can Pro awards.


The series Love Bugs (Un gars, une fille) is aired for the first time. The trials and tribulations of Guy and Sylvie will unfold over 130 episodes.


A new generation of writers and actors makes its appearance in Majeurs & Vaccinés. This is the birth of the character of Catherine, played by Sylvie Moreau in the eponymous comedy show.


Avanti revives the classic sitcom Moi et l’autre with Dominique Michel and Denise Filiatrault.


October 16. La Petite Vie hits the airwaves. A real television phenomenon, the show becomes Quebec’s number-one viewer ratings success of all time. Hot Pepper (Piment Fort) revolutionizes early-evening television viewing. This show will reach an average of 800,000 television viewers daily for eight years.


With the production of Roch Voisine, L’idole, honoured by both ADISQ and the Prix Gémeaux, development of Avanti’s recognition for expertise in variety show programming begins. Since then, over 150 hours of programming in this niche have been produced.


Avanti produces the dramatic series Montréal, ville ouverte, and focuses on the development of the youth and magazine sectors. Fib Finders (Les Détecteurs de mensonges) brings it’s first Prix Gémeaux, promising a bright future for this original concept. In total, more than 1,100 episodes of this game show have been produced.


Spring. Jean Bissonnette and Jean-Claude Lespérance found Les Productions Avanti Ciné Vidéo.