In production as we speak, ALIX ET LES MERVEILLEUX is a new drama series that will transport young kids to a wonderland (Pays des Merveilleux) in 65 episodes to be broadcast on ICI TÉLÉ and Télé-Québec.

Loosely inspired by the classic Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, ALIX ET LES MERVEILLEUX is an original concept by Jean-François Bélanger, backed by a team of writers for this first season. The episodes are directed by Pierre Lord, Guillaume Lonergan, France Bertrand and Martine Boyer. The series is produced by Avanti Groupe, under the supervision of Luc Wiseman (producer), Amélie Vachon (line producer) and Marie-Hélène Laurin (content producer).

ALIX ET LES MERVEILLEUX has a fabulous cast. Rosalie Daoust plays the title role. She is supported by Jean-Philippe Lehoux (Mad Hatter), Cynthia Wu-Maheux (Mom/Rabbit), Luc Bourgeois (Dad/Hare), Marilyn Castonguay (Lorie/Big Boss), Alex Desmarais (Léo/Humpty-Dumpty), Didier Lucien (Walrus) and Martin Héroux (Policeman).

Alix, a curious and dreamy girl, likes to sit in the cupboard under the stairs in her family home whenever she wants to play by herself or is upset, bored or wants to hide, make things in secret, and for a whole host of other reasons. What her mother, father, little brother and big sister don’t know, is that under the staircase is a passageway leading to another world inhabited by wonderful characters, including a talking egg, an eccentric hare, a wacky scientist and a most amazing hare… Together, Alix, the hare and their friends have amazing outlandish adventures in this modernized version with a Québécois flavour, of Alice in Wonderland.

ALIX ET LES MERVEILLEUX will air in autumn 2019 on ICI TÉLÉ and then Télé-Québec.

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