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On Duty 24/7 (De garde 24/7)

On Duty 24/7 takes viewers behind the scenes of a busy hospital to witness first hand the challenges that doctors and their teams face daily whilst trying to save lives.

What fills the days of those who dedicate themselves to saving lives? On Duty 24/7 (De garde 24/7) puts you in the heart of a hospital and lets you witness first-hand the challenges that our doctors and their teams face every day. What drives these elite individuals to persevere? Who are the people beneath the white lab coats? This documentary series follows doctors who open up about their personal issues and profession through interactions with patients.


Luc Wiseman


Avanti Groupe

Awards and distinctions

Year Award Category Recipient(s)
Year2019 AwardGold World Medal - New York Festivals International TV & Film Awards CategoryDocumentary – Social Issues Recipient(s)Avanti Groupe
Year2018 AwardGémeaux CategoryBest editing : public affairs, documentary - series Recipient(s)Alexandre Lachance
Year2018 AwardGémeaux CategoryBest script: documentary - series Recipient(s)Louis Asselin, Paul-Maxime Corbin
Year2018 AwardGémeaux CategoryBest photographic direction : public affairs, documentary - series Recipient(s)Maxime Pilon-Lalande, Guillaume Roy-Messier, Philippe St-Gelais
Year2017 AwardGémeaux CategoryBest script: documentary - series Recipient(s)Paul-Maxime Corbin, Catherine Proulx
Year2017 AwardGémeaux CategoryBest sound: magazine, public affairs, documentary (all categories) Recipient(s)Patrick Ferland, Jean-Philippe Goyette
Year2017 AwardGémeaux CategoryBest documentary series: society Recipient(s)Hugo Roberge, Nadia Ruel, Amélie Vachon, Luc Wiseman
Year2016 AwardGémeaux CategoryBest documentary series: society Recipient(s)François Méthé, Hugo Roberge, Nadia Ruel, Luc Wiseman


  • Monic Lamoureux
  • +1 514 288-7000 ext. 131
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Season 1 : 30 minutes
Season 2 : 30 minutes
Season 3 : 60 minutes
Season 4 : 60 minutes
Season 5 : 60 minutes

Nb of episode(s)

Season 1 : 12
Season 2 : 12
Season 3 : 8
Season 4 : 10
Season 5 : 10


2015 – 2020


Télé-Québec, Canal Savoir