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Alix and the Wonderfolk (Alix et les Merveilleux)

Alix, a curious and imaginative 7-year-old girl, likes to sit in the cupboard under the stairs in her family home. What her mother, father, little brother and big sister don’t know is that the cupboard hides a passageway leading to another world inhabited by amazing characters: the unpredictable Hatter, the eccentric Hare, the wacky scientist Rabbit, Big Boss, Humpty Dumpty, the most perplexing Policeman, and the wise old Walrus. In this world where fantasy reigns and nothing is impossible, Alix and her wonderful friends set out on fantastic adventures!


Digital section: Games to amuse and make children dream!

The digital component of Alix and the Wonderfolk (Alix et les Merveilleux) seeks to satisfy the child’s need to have fun with the characters in the series while allowing them to develop certain learning reflexes. Five games are offered for ages 4 to 7:

Gros-Coco’s Double Obstacle Course
Code Alix: Free Rabbit and Mom
The Fabulous Hatter Workshop
The Sounds of Papa and Lelièvre
The Mysterious Morse objects

Zone des petits (ici.radio-canada.ca)
Coucou – Jeux (telequebec.tv)

Original Idea

Jean-François Bélanger


Season 1: Pierre Lord, Guillaume Lonergan, France Bertrand and Martine Boyer
Seasons 2 and 3 : Martine Boyer, Guillaume Lonergan, Pierre Lord, and Geneviève Poulette

Content Producer

Seasons 1 and 2 : Marie-Hélène Laurin
Season 3 : Luc Déry

Delegate Producers

Seasons 1 and 2 : Amélie Vachon
Valérie Côté : Season 3


Seasons 1 and 2 : Luc Wiseman
Season 3 : Marie-Hélène Laurin

Executive Producers

Season 3 : Patricia Blais and Monique Lamoureux


Avanti Groupe

Awards and distinctions

Year2021AwardGémeauxCategoryBest Supporting Actress : YouthRecipient(s)Marilyn Castonguay
Year2020AwardGémeauxCategoryBest Lead Actor : YouthRecipient(s)Jean-Philippe Lehoux
Year2020AwardGémeauxCategoryBest Supporting Actress : YouthRecipient(s)Marilyn Castonguay




Season 1: 30 minutes
Season 2: 30 minutes
Season 3: 30 minutes

Nb of episode(s)

Season 1: 65
Season 2: 65
Season 3: 65



Distribution - Finished Program(s)

TV5 Monde