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Season 1
Casino pulls us into the adventures of a young pianist who is transformed by circumstance into a gambler and ruthless avenger. The victim of a frame-up, Stéphane Dumas is languishing in a Venezuelan prison when his problems are compounded by tragic news. His compulsive gambler father has committed suicide in a casino parking lot. Prison has nurtured an unexpected and extraordinary talent in the young musician. He has become a master card-shark and he returns to Montreal, a man possessed by a double-edged obssession. Stéphane is going to avenge his father and bring down the casino by cheating it into bankruptcy and total public humiliation.

Season 2
Antoine Caron, as the new general manager of the site, has been given the task of establishing a new casino in the downtown area. This dicey enterprise places him in the midst of political finagling for a project coveted by friends of the party and decried by activist groups. In this context, the slightest incident that might tarnish the image of the institution is liable to have serious consequences. Jeff “Tiger” Gabriel is also caught in the crossfire when his native reserve wants to run a legal casino much to the displeasure of those who are making a killing with illegal gambling. Stéphane Dumas, for his part, plays with fire by taking a job at Casino Mont-Royal, while his girlfriend Emmanuelle finds herself mixed up in the drama playing out behind the scenes at the facility.


Guillaume Lemay-Thivierge
Raymond Bouchard
Thai-Hoa Le
Peter Miller
Hélène Florent
Daniel Parent
Kim Lambert
Karyne Lemieux
Rose-Maïté Erkoreka
Marie-Thérèse Fortin
Danielle Proulx
Pierre Powers
Ron Lea
Sylvie Léonard
Geneviève Rioux
Sean Lu
Catherine Sénart
Béatrice Picard et René Caron
Steve Banner
Hugo Giroux
Alain Nadro
Louise Portal
Bianca Gervais
Diane Lavallée
Manuel Tadros
Benoît Gouin
Anick Grenier
Nathalie Gascon
Marc Béland
Jacynthe René
Salomé Corbo
Paul Doucet
Monique Miller
Louis-Georges Girard
Mahée Paiement
Daniel Richer
Robert Lalonde

Author and Co-producer

Réjean Tremblay


François Gingras, François Bouvier

Delegate Producer

Sylvie Roy


Luc Wiseman


Avanti Ciné Vidéo





60 minutes

Nb of episode(s)



Season 1 : 2006
Season 2 : 2008