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Shooting stars (Les Étoiles filantes)

Season 1
Les étoiles filantes is the story of two friends in their late thirties whose lives have taken very different paths. Twenty years after their band broke up and all dreams of that elusive recording contract had faded away, the two men meet up once again. They now live in very different worlds, worlds that are destined to clash from the moment that the incorrigible, free-spirited Daniel turns up on Jacques the math teacher’s doorstep. Daniel calmly tells his old friend that he has only six months left to live. The nomad parks his trailer in Jacques’ yard and proceeds to carve himself a place in the household’s well organized routine. However, he mischievously makes the most of every opportunity to shake up the family’s tidy world. This series tells a tale of friendship – albeit a frequently strained one – where values of stability and freedom humorously polarize and keep us smiling throughout.

Season 2
Les étoiles filantes continues its astonishing trajectory through a second season in which writer François Archambault is back to entertain us with a scintillating mix of comedy and drama as the lives of the show’s engaging characters unfold. Chantale and Jacques are wondering whether they truly belong together while, paradoxically, Sonia and Daniel’s relationship seems to be smoothing out. While their parents endeavour to realize the dreams of their youth, Soleil and Thomas are becoming more and more grown up. In this constantly shifting sky, each character stays true to his or her own quest for happiness.

Also starring

Louisette Dussault
Claude Préfontaine
Éléonore Lamothe
Antoine Côté-Potvin


François Archambault


Ricardo Trogi

Content Producer

Claude Maher

Delegate Producer

Sylvie Roy, Guillaume Lespérance


Luc Wiseman


Avanti Ciné Vidéo

Awards and distinctions

Year2009AwardGémeauxCategoryBest lead male role: dramaRecipient(s)Stéphane Crête
Year2009AwardGémeauxCategoryBest musical theme: all categoriesRecipient(s)Frédéric Bégin
Year2009AwardGémeauxCategoryBest original music: dramaRecipient(s)Frédéric Bégin
Year2007AwardGémeauxCategoryBest performance by lead male role: comedyRecipient(s)Stéphane Crête





30 minutes

Nb of episode(s)



2006 et 2008



Distribution - Finished Program(s)

ICI Tou.tv, TV5 Monde