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180 DAYS (180 JOURS)

180 DAYS (180 JOURS) is a documentary series that offers a unique fly-on-the-wall look at the heart of a public secondary school. 180 DAYS is also the number of classroom days in the school year for all Québec high school students.

From the first day back, to the graduation ball, 180 DAYS follows the daily life of the school, tracking different students and members of staff. A veritable anthill, where everyone works to deliver what is most important for anyone building themselves as a human being: education.

Young people from every walk of life live together in this microcosm of 1,400 students. Some of them face particular challenges, in terms of learning as well as in their personal and social lives.

180 DAYS is thus a privileged eyewitness to the dedication, commitment and passion that drives the teachers, management, and all the staff members of the school. Together, they work tirelessly to make perseverance, respect, and living together, a priority for these citizens of tomorrow.

By observing the daily life of this school, 180 DAYS reveals the reality, motivations, and social challenges of everyone within the orbit of the school environment. More generally, the series also encourages an in-depth reflection on Québec’s educational values and its school system.

Original Concept

Hugo Roberge


Mélissa Beaudet


Mélissa Beaudet and Stéphanie Pouliot

Content Producer

Hugo Roberge

Line Producer

Amélie Vachon


Luc Wiseman


Avanti Groupe

Awards and distinctions

Year2020AwardGémeauxCategoryBest photographic direction : public affairs, documentary - seriesRecipient(s)François Blanchette, Jean-Sébastien Desrosiers, Audrey Lapointe, Franck Le Coroller, François Messier-Rheault
Year2020AwardGémeauxCategoryBest editing : public affairs, documentary - seriesRecipient(s)Jules Saulnier
Year2020AwardGold World Medal - New York Festivals International TV & Film AwardsCategoryDocumentary – Educational/InstructionalRecipient(s)Avanti Groupe


Documentary Series


60 minutes

Nb of episode(s)

Season 1: 12
Season 2: 8
Season 3: 8


2018 – 2021



Distribution - Finished Program(s)

TV5 Monde, Canal Savoir