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Police On Duty (Police en service)

Police On Duty (Police en service) delves into the everyday lives of the men and women of Quebec City’s police department, the SPVQ. Viewers get a look beyond the station doors to discover different facets of police work. They get to know patrol officers, as well as investigators, sergeants, lieutenants and civilians working for the SPVQ. Right alongside them, viewers witness the challenges and issues that police officers face on a daily basis.

With unprecedented access to the various units and the people who work within them, this documentary series explores the human relationships not only between colleagues, but also between police officers and citizens. Police On Duty immerses viewers in a fascinating universe, where reality sometimes outstrips fiction. Without ever seeking to glorify the work of its subjects or pigeonhole them as invincible superheroes, the series is mainly concerned with revealing the person behind the badge. The person with feelings and emotions, despite the tough exterior forged over years of service. The person whose uniform isn’t held in the same regard by everyone and who doesn’t take that for granted.


In podcast: Police on duty – looking back

Police on duty – looking back on two significant events that took place in Quebec City: the tragic death of Marie-Pier Gagné, 40 weeks pregnant, in 2016, and the crash of a small plane in the backyard of a Sainte-Foy residence, killing its seven occupants, in 2010. By revisiting these events, the podcast invites everyone to take their place alongside the SPVQ police officers and delve into poignant memories to better understand their work and their dedication. The six 15-minute episodes are available today on telequebec.tv as well as on the Spotify and iTunes listening platforms .


Mylène Péthel
in collaboration with Catherine Proulx

Content Producer

Nadia Ruel


Avanti Groupe


Documentary Series


60 minutes

Nb of episode(s)

Season 1 : 8
Season 2 : 10


2021 – 2022