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Surviving Parenthood (Survivre à ses enfants)

Becoming parents has not broken the ties that unite Nadine, Kamyar, Annie, Philippe and Josée. On the contrary, it is the humor and the frankness that allows this long-standing friendship that allows them to… survive their children!

For this group of friends, meetings are an outlet and allow them to defuse the absurd situations in which their offspring plunge them.

Kamyar (Mani Soleymanlou) and Nadine (Mélissa Désormeaux-Poulin) have four children age 8 to 17. To manage to have a social life despite the impossible family schedule of their busy kids, they are the ones who most often welcome their friends, also struggling with their own children.

Annie (Catherine Bérubé) and Philippe (Mickaël Gouin) have a child of a little over a year old. They somehow learn to become adequate parents despite Annie’s anxiety about her son’s development. Philippe constantly oscillates between defusing his girlfriend’s anxieties or being consumed by her worries.

A loving but disorganized mother, Josée (Anna Beaupré Moulounda) shares custody of her daughter with her ex. Unable to say no, she gives in to the slightest emotional blackmail from the 8-year-old girl who becomes unbearable at times. Mégane (Emma Lafrenière) may be endearing, but the constant attention she demands does not leave much room for her mother’s love life.

These three families are at the heart of every episode of Surviving Parenthood (Survivre à ses enfants). Within the group, humor is inescapable. This is the reason that they remain so closely linked despite their differing approaches to education.

Original idea and author

Jean-François Léger

Script editor

François Avard

Line Producer

Carolyne Boucher

Executive Producers

Patricia Blais and Monique Lamoureux

Director of Photography

Mathieu Laverdière

Artistic director

Fannie Legrand

Costume designer

Marie-Claude Guay


Matthieu Bouchard


Avanti Groupe




30 minutes

Nb of episode(s)