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À coeur ouvert

À coeur ouvert is a docu-reality series that tells the story of Benoit Marcotte, a 69-year-old retired father and grandfather who has suffered from severe heart failure for several years. His heart, functioning at 40% of its capacity, is tired. His doctors had come to the conclusion that Benoit would soon need a new heart to survive. After a series of medical tests, he was finally admitted to the list of people awaiting a transplant.

Over the course of six 10-minute episodes, the camera accompanies Benoit in the quest that could give him a new life. This heartfelt story takes on a multitude of facets, events and feats involving a panoply of specialists in the health field, but above all, it is deeply rooted in the human aspect. This is what gives meaning to Benoit’s life and the courage necessary for the ordeal.

The generous and unwavering support of his family and loved ones accompany him on this journey, which goes from the hope raised by a possible organ donation to the apprehension of the risks of the surgery, then to the disappointment surrounding the removal of his name from the list of people awaiting a transplant. Benoit Marcotte draws from those he loves the strength to continue and give meaning to his life at each step.


Benoit Marcotte

Ainsi que
Louis-François Marcotte
Jean-Michel Marcotte
Anne-Sophie Béland

Content Advisor

Geneviève Gélineau

Production Director and Line Producer

Eva-Rose Mercier


Nadia Ruel

Executive Producers

Patricia Blais
Monic Lamoureux


Avanti Groupe


Webcast Program


10 minutes

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